What is transmedia?

A fancy word for storytelling.

It’s such an exciting time to be an independent content creator.  In the new multi-platform environment storytellers finally have a chance to communicate directly with their audiences.  Streaming movie sites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Yahoo! and others are basically becoming cable and satellite channels unto themselves as they serve content on a myriad of platforms such as iPads, iPhones, Androids, XBox, & other devices.

From the time an independent film company could put a PayPal button on their website, burn their own DVDs, and optimize their websites for search engine optimization (SEO), the tide began to turn in favor of the creators of quality content.  The ability to shoot and edit filmed entertainment digitally has caused nothing short of a revolution.  With a glut of re-purposed content in the form of endless sequels and copycat shows, truly original creators are again in demand and able to have a voice.

Transmedia is a fancy word for storytelling.  Tell your story.

Stay independent.