Ouija Movie 2016

Ouija Movie ‘I Am ZoZo’ to be released by Image Entertainment in the U.S.

Cannes Film Festival News – Our Ouija movie ‘I Am ZoZo’ has been acquired by Image Entertainment for U.S. release! A few months ago we were approached by a reputable sales agent, Paul Hudson of Outsider Pictures, who said he loved the film and had a buyer in mind. He came through in a big[…]

About Content Monetization – OWS Producer Zack Coffman’s Guest Post on Indiewire

Original post here. “I had a chance to attend the “Future of Film Summit” in Beverly Hills produced by Variety and DigitalMediaWire. The ambitious one-day event focused on “the current state of the industry, and how film and transmedia deals will be struck in the coming years.” That’s a pretty grand scale, but I’d have[…]

The Movie Business in Cannes (interviews with film industry warriors)

After an absence of twelve years, I returned to Cannes this year and had a chance to sit down with various film professionals and ask their unique perspectives on Cannes and the film industry.  I was a bit trepidatious having been out of the international scene for a bit, but Sydney Levine and her partner[…]

What is transmedia?

A fancy word for storytelling. It’s such an exciting time to be an independent content creator.  In the new multi-platform environment storytellers finally have a chance to communicate directly with their audiences.  Streaming movie sites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Yahoo! and others are basically becoming cable and satellite channels unto themselves as they serve content[…]