About Content Monetization – OWS Producer Zack Coffman’s Guest Post on Indiewire

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“I had a chance to attend the “Future of Film Summit” in Beverly Hills produced by Variety and DigitalMediaWire. The ambitious one-day event focused on “the current state of the industry, and how film and transmedia deals will be struck in the coming years.” That’s a pretty grand scale, but I’d have to say it delivered a good mix of traditional film perspective mixed with a suprisingly high-level group of online experts. The keynotes were given by Tom Bernard, Co-founder and Co-president, Sony Pictures Classics and by writer-director Kevin Smith (comments on the keynotes follow my conference takeaways below.)”

I’d say the highlights of the day were The Onion, Elias Plishner, SVP Sony Digital Marketing, Mike Vorhaus of Magid Advisors, and Mark Mason of BitTorrent. Check out the original post and see what Mark had to say about BitTorrent being GOOD for film makers…

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