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Empowering producers and brands to reach their audience directly and engage them to the fullest.

Knowing your audience is just the first step. Finding them and engaging them is the real challenge. We specialize in aggregating audiences and growing passionate fans.


We create valuable direct-to-consumer revenue streams while simultaneously developing alternative socially native revenue unique to each platform. We find ways to help you monetize your digital library.


Our award-winning directors and producers can help create the content needed to engage your audience. From network series to live-streaming online to VR, we help our partners tell stories that engage their fans.


We were the first company in history to sell movies directly to fans via social networks. From 450k on YouTube to over 2 million on Facebook, we are natives of the social revolution.


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About Us

The One World story (aka, "Shoot it and they will come...")
"True courage is jumping off a cliff and building your wings on the way down." ~Ray Bradbury

'When we set up One World back in 2001 we knew that we needed an exciting project to separate us from the pack and give us a chance to be creative, but that had a chance to break out and appeal to a wider sensibility. Hollywood is a tough place and everyone is paid to say “no”. We’re not guys who accept negativity and we kept plugging away with our projects and working our part-time jobs to make ends meet. Finally we just told ourselves that we didn’t need permission from anybody to make a film and green-lighted one ourselves.' ~producer, Zack Coffman, 2005 Movie Maker Magazine interview

'We knew there was a hungry audience for the type of films we wanted to make so one night we had a couple of drinks, put a stack of credit cards on the table and that was our budget.' ~ director, Scott Di Lalla


Professional, passionate, accessible.
Zack Coffman
Zack Coffman
Co-founder, Head of Content, Distribution, and Strategy
Producer of multiple documentaries and narrative features including the seminal biker documentary ‘Choppertown’ and award-winning Ouija thriller ‘I Am ZoZo’. Passionate about empowering brands and IP owners to develop their audiences and turn their content into active revenue streams.
Scott Di Lalla
Scott Di Lalla
Co-founder, Director
Director of multiple documentaries and narrative features including the seminal biker documentary ‘Choppertown’ and award-winning Ouija thriller ‘I Am ZoZo’. Known for realistic filming style and surprising sensitivity of his images.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee
Content Marketing
Manages online video platforms and social media accounts for clients, creating effective content-sourcing systems and partnerships with relevant businesses and influencers.

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